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Pastis Bottles. 1979.
“Casania Anisette”. “Pastis 51”. “Ricard Anisette”.
Nikon FE : Agfa Provia 400x : cross processed.

P A S T I S   A N I S E T T E

Pastis is an anise-flavoured spirit and apéritif from France, typically containing less than 100 g/l sugar and from 40-45% ABV (alcohol by volume).

The first pictures I took on my first “proper” camera, a secondhand Nikon FE bought in Portobello Road market. I remember getting home, finding these Pastis bottles, laying them down on a cartridge paper pad in my parents kitchen and shooting them in sunlight from the window. I Sellotaped different coloured plastic bags to the window which added colour and diffused the sun.

Commonplace in France, these bottles for me are very evocative. Many hands have poured water from them to dilute countless super-strong Aniseed flavoured Pastis. I “borrowed” them from cafes in Paris and the South of France. Moving around with me for decades they finally ended their lives getting smashed when I moved to Australia.

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