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Looking for a better name for my blog than “Billy Plummer’s Blog”,  I stumbled across this:

February 12th 1905.

A French Archeologist named Gaston Maspero describing opening the tomb of Tutankhamun’s grandparents, Yuya and Tjuyu in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings.

“One of the vases that we opened contained pasty oil, another one honey almost liquid which still had its smell. As it laid forgotten and uncovered on one of the stairs, near the entrance of the hall, a marauding wasp, lost in the Valley of Kings, came greedily lapping around the neck; it took blows with a handkerchief to prevent it from taking its share of the honey foraged more than three thousand years ago by ancient bees on the flowers of the Theban campaign”.

(Causeries d’Égypte, 1907)

3000 year old honey, still fresh enough to drive a wasp crazy.

Honey = life. Dust = death.

Real magic, an eternal ying/yang metaphor, something poetic to think about and infinitely better than “Billy Plummer’s Blog”.