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S O   H E N G   T A I   M A N S I O N

Sometime in the early late Ayuthaya period (early 1800’s) before ‘Bangkok’ as we know it today existed, the wealthy Sol clan, a Hokkien family trading silk and dried goods from China built the So Heng Tai Mansion. The family moved to Siam, prospered and owned most of the area now called Talat Noi. The mansion is the oldest Chinese built home in Thailand.

Built in a Hokkien-Teochew architectural style but slightly influenced by Thai building practice, the mansion consists of four houses surrounding a courtyard, with a main house at the back. It languishes in a gloriously advanced state of decay with ancient family photos, furniture & bric-a-brac strewn all over.

The Posayajinda family, 7th and 8th generation descendants of the original Sol clan owners, still live there today.

Dec. 2017.

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